The one-time entrance fee for beginning members is $150.00, which you may submit below with your application. Once accepted, the suggested monthly donation for members is $25 (but if you are unable to donate that amount, please donate what you can). 

Your membership includes the Shugendo Daily Recitation Book, a hardcover text bound in the traditional Japanese manner, which contains foundational texts, mantra, and mudra that you may begin to practice immediately. You will also be invited to join closed Facebook groups that contain video instruction and live streams with our Headmaster to help with learning this and other important basic practices.


Before you join, there are some important points to know:

  • Shugendo is a tradition with many hidden teachings that are only imparted face-to-face within a committed teacher-student relationship. There are a number of practices open to everyone, but if you'd like to study the complete path and become a formal disciple of our Headmaster, it will be necessary eventually to apply for ordination.

  • Please be aware that it is not possible to learn Shugendo only from home: even though some online instruction and resources are given, traveling to events in Japan, N. America, or Europe will be necessary if you are serious about learning. Shugendo practice is difficult and requires a great deal of study and time.

  • The Community Guidelines issued by Koryu Shugen Honshu in Japan. By applying to join, you agree to abide by these:

    1. To maintain a clear environment for practice, Koryu Shugen Honshu prohibits discrimination and harassment.
    2. Koryu Shugen Honshu prohibits any discrimination on the basis of race or religion.
    3. Koryu Shugen Honshu prohibits sexual harassment. Even jokes of this nature are prohibited. We must respect each other regardless of gender.
    4. Practitioners should refrain from physical contact and touching the possessions of others. Practitioners should bow to each other instead of hugging or shaking hands.
    5. The exchange of information online should take place in public spaces such as our Facebook pages. Koryu Shugen Honshu does not prohibit the exchanging of private messages between members, but this may not be done persistently if undesired, or involve any immorality.
    6. Koryu Shugen Honshu does not spread Shugendo forcibly and unilaterally. Practitioners from other denominations are our important guests, and should be treated politely.


TO APPLY TO JOIN ISA, please do the following:

1. Fill out the application below and push "send" (we request your Facebook page link so that you can be invited to closed groups). Please be sure to give us your entire mailing address including postal code.


2. Submit your $150 entrance fee using the PayPal button below. (If for some reason we choose to decline your membership, your fee will be refunded.) Note that your membership application will not be reviewed until you submit the annual fee.

3. When your membership is accepted, you may set up your monthly donation and learn what comes next. We will also order your Daily Recitation Book and send it to you as soon as it arrives from Japan.

4. Please don't forget to join the ISA email list by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this site, above!

Job Application

Thank you for your application! Please submit your entrance fee using the button below: your membership application will not be reviewed until you have done so.