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Oct. 16-18 2020 


Empowerments and Teachings

in Wisconsin, USA

with special guest


and led by



Koryu Shugen Honshu and its associated organization International Shugendo Association (ISA) invite you to this remarkable event: the first visit of Kakudo Mitsunaga Ajari to the USA. This is a precious opportunity to receive empowerments and teachings from both him and his student Shokai Koshikidake Soke, Headmaster of the Mt. Koshikidake tradition of Shugendo.

The event location is Korinji, a Buddhist monastery on 17 forested acres 50 miles northwest of Madison, Wisconsin (about 7 miles north of the town of Reedsburg). Registration is limited.

KAKUDO MITSUNAGA DAI-AJARI is a Tendai Buddhist master and among the most eminent Japanese Buddhist figures today. He is famous as one of the "marathon monks" of Mt. Hiei, having completed the sennichi kaihogyo training - perhaps the most physically grueling spiritual practice in the world. Over a course of seven years he walked between 30 and 84 km on foot each day in the mountains - up to 200 days a year - as part of this practice. (A documentary featuring Mitsunaga Ajari may be seen here).

SHOKAI KOSHIKIDAKE SOKE is the Headmaster of Mt. Koshikidake Shugendo, and chief priest of Kannon-ji temple where that tradition has historically been centered. Aside from being the heir of his family's Shugendo tradition, he trained as a Tendai priest and in the Shugendo of Mt. Haguro's Kotaku-ji Shozen-in. He has devoted himself to restoring and preserving Shugendo teachings, and spreading them worldwide. To this end, in 2005 he founded Koryu Shugen Honshu - a recognized religious organization in Japan.



Friday October 16 


Saturday October 17

9am-12pm and  2-5pm

Sunday October 18

9am-12pm and  2-5pm

Exact activities and daily schedule to be determined by the teachers, but will include:

  • Kanjo (empowerments) and instruction in Shugendo practices

  • Goma (fire ceremony) conducted by Mitsunaga Ajari

  • Lecture by Mitsunaga Ajari about Buddhism, his life and practice

  • Cha-kai (tea ceremony gathering) offered by Jun Kawamura Sensei


On Tuesday and Wednesday before the main event Koshikidake Soke will give Shugendo instruction to his students:

 Tuesday October 13


Wednesday Oct. 14

10am-12pm and 2-5pm



S470 Hirst Road

Reedsburg, Wisconsin USA 53959


$550 includes the Friday through Sunday main event, 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) accommodations at a Marriott hotel in nearby Wisconsin Dells, shuttle transport to and from Korinji and the hotel each day, and vegetarian lunch on Saturday and Sunday. If you are an ISA member, you may also attend the extra instruction before the main event.

  • Hotel accommodations are dual-bed: if you have a preferred roommate you can let us know below, or we will assign one.

  • A limited number of private rooms may be available, inquire below.

  • You may book additional hotel stay by letting us know below (approximately $90/night, we will confirm and send a PayPal request for this extra cost later).

  • Before the event we we will send you your hotel information including shuttle departure times

  • The nearest airports are Madison Wisconsin (about 45 minutes to hotel), General Mitchell in Milwaukee (about 2 hours) and Chicago OHare (about three hours).


We are offering 15 early registration slots: register before April 15 with a discounted donation of $475 (not counting any additional hotel stay you may request).



The Korinji abbot has offered to host a maximum of five personal guests at the monastery during the main event only. This is an incredible opportunity to spend extra one-on-one time with our guest teachers, share all meals with them, and experience monastery life (ISA will request a larger donation for this arrangement). If you are interested in this please indicate below and our event coordinator will contact you.


To register please fill out the ENTIRE form and push send. Then submit your donation using the PayPal button below to confirm your registration.

(If you want additional hotel stay outside of the main event, we will send you a PayPal request for that extra cost later).

I wish to inquire about the special monastery stay opportunity:
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